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Terms And Conditions

yogatipss.club owns this site, and the tools or software are not our property. The tools we provide you are free and easily available on the internet uploaded by someone else which means we are not providing you any copyrighted content that can be illegal.

Read all the terms and conditions very carefully before using this site, and when you visit our site or use any tool, you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. In case of any recommendation or any other problem, you can contact us and our site admins are available 24/7.

You should be a minimum of 13 years old to use the tools available on our site. If you post a comment, link, and anything, whether legal or illegal, you are responsible for it. We do not allow you to post any porn site links. Your content should be virus-free and avoid spamming.

If you share the content that drives the traffic to any unethical content, then you are solely responsible for it. Do not post any phishing sites link or spam email address as a part of your comment. Kindly use the tools at your own risk.

The time before you use any tool, kindly read all the terms and conditions with great care. We try to provide you with the right tools, but in case of any damaged files, we are not responsible for it. We will not accept any excuse if you use this site without reading the terms and conditions. On our about us page, we have provided all the data about ourselves.