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5 Ways to Make Money Via Online

1. Blog

That’s right get paid to write about the things that interest you. Knitting, Scrapbooking, DIY-ing, Shopping, Saving Money, Making Money (wink wink), Crafting…you can blog about anything!

In order to get started with a blog, you’ll need to have two things to get the site up and running: a domain and a host. We personally recommend Bluehost. visit that website read all information and start making money.

you can make any money you want by create your own blog

Similar to blogging, you’re essentially sharing with the world the things that interest you and if you get really popular and amass a following, people will want to see into your life.

If you’re comfortable with that then start making videos. If you already have videos that you expected no one to ever see, post them to YouTube.

There is no harm in trying YouTube but it will be a little hard to carve out a place for yourself in the YouTube-verse considering the staggering amount of content already out there.

You’ll have to find something that makes you unique. Also, this one may require a small amount of investment so that you can start with quality equipment (camera, lighting, microphone, and video editing software).

Like blogging, it will take a bit of time to get a large number of subscribers, but once set up you will be golden.

3.Collecting Coins or Sell Coins

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A lot of people are also selling their Mandela coins online. One of the popular place they are selling them on is Bidorbuy.co.za.

4.Transport People

If you own your own car, enjoy driving, and are familiar with your city then driving for Uber…or Lyft if that’s more your thing, isn’t a bad way to make some cash. Plus, you can keep your day (or night) job while you do it.

There are some cons to becoming a driver; you’ll have to keep your car better maintained, work random hours, and even deal with the occasional rude passenger, but the benefits of a flexible source of income may well be worth it.

You can Buy track and start deliver sand, concrete, whatever you want to deliver.

5.You can build your room to rant
I know people who’ve rented rooms in their house for a summer that earned them enough to cover their mortgage for several months while putting away a ton of money into their savings as well.

If you own your own place, someone just might want to stay in it for a few days. The key to successfully renting your house or a room will depend on your location and the type of home you have.

Popular cities will garner more interest and a cool house or apartment in a prime location are even better. There are several platforms you can offer your house on: Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO just to name a few.

Choose whichever one seems like a good fit. You’ll have to be prepared to live with the risks of opening your home up to strangers, but all of these avenues have measures in place to protect you and your home.

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